!Writing Mails to Support!

Hi everyone! :wave:

We are a team of dedicated individuals who are always there to give you the best guidance and help that you require. :people_hugging:

But there is a process we need to follow and we ask you to help us in this journey! :grinning: Please note the following things when you reach out to Support Team - :point_down:

1. SPAMMING MAILS - Once you write a mail, our Team receives it and we try our best to go through it and give the resolution to your query. :slightly_smiling_face:

It might take us some time but rest assured you will get a response within 24 hrs. You do not need to send multiple mails in a short succession to get a response since that may lead to confusion. :smile:

2. REPLY TO THE SAME MAIL THREAD - If you have initiated a conversation with the Support Team and want to do a follow up, please feel free to reply to the same conversation. :outbox_tray:

3. SUBJECT AND MAIL BODY - The best way we can help you quickly is if we understand what your query is from the start. :beginner:
So, please consider mentioning what your query or problem is in a short sentence or a phrase in the Subject line. :ballot_box_with_check:

You can explain the rest of the problem or query in the body of the mail. Please remember to attach any relevant screenshots if required. :white_check_mark:

4. BATCH CODE, MODULE NAME, ASSIGNMENT/QUIZ NAME - We will understand your query better if you mention the batch code you are from, the module/quiz/assignment you have a problem with in the mail itself. :beginner:

5. CERTIFICATION QUERIES - We understand that Certification exams can be challenging, but that is why you have plenty of time to prepare. :bangbang:
Everything that you need to know is already there in the Certification tab. Whatever issue you face, please reach out to us. :bowing_woman:

We ask you to have some patience in the duration. We will respond and help you the best we can. :+1:

:blush: Thank you so much for understanding and collaborating with us! :hugs:


I have an issue assignment marks are graded very low even though I have implemented all the functionalities in the JavaScript final project. I want to talk with them

@shivtech1906 can you please check this issue?

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please resubmit your routes are wrong verify and submit again