Write a Python program to find the longest common prefix from a list of strings

Write a Python program to find the longest common prefix from a list of strings.

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    In this program i am trying to find common part between first two values and
    comparing it to the next values one by one.

def find_suffix(str1,str2):
    # this function compares two strings 
    # determine smallest length to work with as the 
    # maximum possible suffix should be smallest string from the input

    end =  len(str1) if(len(str1) <= len(str2)) else len(str2)
    for i in range(0,end):
        # compare character at each position from two strings
        if str1[i]==str2[i]:
            # if same character is there, add it to the suffix
            suf = suf + str1[i]
            # if different character is present for two strings at same position
            #stop checking furthur
    return suf
def main():
    x = input('Enter string values(comma separated): ')

    # l is list to store the input values
    l = x.split(',')
    # l = ['him', 'his', 'hit', 'hip']

    # if no input is there print no input
    if len(l) == 0:
        print('no input')

    # if only one input is there print that as suffix
    elif len(l) == 1:
        print('suffix is: ',l[0])

    # if more than one inputs are there
        #comapre first two strings to find common part
        suf = find_suffix(l[0],l[1])
        # after getting first suffix compare it with other 
        # input strings if suffix is present or not 
        for i in range(2,len(l)):
            suf = find_suffix(suf,l[i])

        if suf:
            print('suffix is ',suf)
            print('no suffix found')


    input: 'arm','armenia','argentina'

    1.  compare 'arm' and 'armenia'
        suffix: 'arm'
    2.  compare 'arm' and 'argentina'
        suffix: 'ar'
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