!weekend activity - interview trivia!

Hi everyone! :wave:

This weekend we have a public poll event being hosted on our EdYoda website!

In the Community tab over on EdYoda, we will have an exciting Interview Trivia activity going live on 4 PM on Friday!

:smile: :point_right: Check out Community on EdYoda if you want to be a part of the fun event! :tada: :tada:


Hi everyone! :loudspeaker: :loudspeaker:

The Public Polling Event is live on EdYoda Community! :tada: :tada: :tada:

Head on over there to be a part of the scene!!! :grin: :wave: :wave: :point_down: :point_down:

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@dkdebarun666 Sir please elaborate this one

Hi @shinisubha003 , every week on Community, we have a weekend activity where anyone can participate. It is for fun and a little bit for knowledge!

This weekend, we are hosting a polling activity on Interviews on EdYoda Community which is open to public (not just our Classroom students).

I hope this clears up your doubts. You can go through other weekend activities that we have conducted in the past in this category to get more understanding.

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