Web dev fundamentals

I am from batch FSR130623.I have received my certification but when in placements am unable to apply for jobs and there are no jobs for hyderabad location.But starting of course they told that you can apply where ever you want .please see this issue.

And in placements page its showing me that you will able to apply only after receiving certificate but i received my certificate am unable to apply and all applications are closed.

same problem is being faced by everyone can anyone give clarification regarding the placements and when we will be eligible for the applying of the jobs.

bro where is placement section,i have also completed 2 certificates and i am not able to see plaement section.please give response

Hi @bmanisha6264 , for any Placement related queries, you can reach out to the Placement Team, from the Placement tab between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM. They will guide you regarding the process and how to apply and what you need to look out for when applying.

Also, as I can check, your profile on Classroom has not been updated. It is important that you fill out the profile, as until you do that, you can’t apply for certain jobs.

Please complete updating your profile, and once you are done - feel free to reach out to the Placement Team.

Hi @vilashariwadje , you also have not completed your profile. That is essential for applying for job. Please complete it and reach out to Placement Team for your doubts.

@titiksha.chakraborty i am not able to upload my resume while updating my job profile.i waited for 30min but still not uploaded.and my batch name FSR300623 is not present in select batch section.

Hi @vilashariwadje , the Placement Team will look into this and give me an update. Once they do, I will update here.

Hi @vilashariwadje , the Placement Team has an update. This issue is resolved now, you can try updating it. If you have further queries, please reach out to them directly through the live chat feature available in the Placement tab between 6:30 to 7:30 PM Monday-Saturday.

I have updated my profile but it showing only 29% is complete .I have given all the mandatory details even though in placements it showing its incomplete.Please once check.

@titiksha.chakraborty my issue is not resolved.resume is not uploading.and placement tab is not showing in my UI

Please reach out to Placement Team. They will look into this.

@bmanisha6264 Please reach out to the Placement Team.