Wanna be a Part-Time TEACHING ASSISTANT and work with US?

:wave: If you are someone who has good technical skills, love to learn and help others and want to develop yourself as a professional - then this opportunity is for YOU!!! :point_left:

:point_right: Fill out this form and become a Teaching Assistant - PAID Part Time role of educator at EdYoda! :point_left:
:white_check_mark: Open to all students from FSR and DS programs (Students from Februrary 2023 batches and prior to February are encouraged to apply.)

Following are the requirements - :white_check_mark: :white_check_mark:

1. You are sincere and responsible
2. You can give 3 hours of your time on a daily basis
3. You are free to take up a live session/Community sessions in the evening on need basis

Looking forward to meeting all of you!!! :smile: :wave:


Hi everyone, :raised_hands:

The position for DS TAs is closing soon - HURRY! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Fill out the form soon - https://forms.gle/ZCXoD4dETpGowfAj7 :point_left: :point_left:

Hey everyone! :wave: :wave:

The position for FSR TAs is closing soon - Hurry!!

Fill out the form NOW - https://forms.gle/ZCXoD4dETpGowfAj7 :point_left: :point_left: :point_left: