Syllabus and Questions from DS certification

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May I know how the data science certification exam looks like whether it will be like python certification. I have gone through round 1 demo video that was the exact python certification. Is there any difference between the two certifications… How does the Question be? For quiz what are the topics need to be covered. And for basics programming how does the question looks like is it about data science or python. Needed a guidance sir/mam. And also for project want to know how does it look like what are the things needed to be done there. Kindly consider my query.Thank you.


DS Certification will be going to have all your concept.


Thank you so much mam

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Hi @brindhubala30 , the syllabus for DS Certification is the entire Data Science syllabus starting from Data Analysis to Machine Learning and DSA-Advanced. Regarding quizzes and question patterns, you will be able to find out more about it once you are enrolled for the Certification and you can view it unnder the Certifications section on your portal. Once it happens, you can go through the FAQ section available on the Classroom portal itself.

To prepare for it, you can go through this post, it can give you more clarity: DS certification test doubt - #7 by kaushal-ta-ds

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Thank you so much mam.

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