Submitting assignment through replit

HELLO EVERYONE! I am trying to submit my assignment through replit and I need to know that do i need to upload images separately if yes then how? (Because image links which are within the code are also working so i cannot find need to upload images separately)

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If the image links within your code are working properly and the images are visible when you run your code on Replit, then you do not need to upload the images separately.

When you upload your code to Replit, it will include any image files that are directly referenced in your code. These images will be stored within your Replit project and will be accessible when you run your code.

If you do need to upload images separately for some reason, you can use the “Upload files” feature in Replit to upload them. To do this, click on the folder icon on the left-hand side of the Replit window and then click “Upload files.” You can then select the images you want to upload from your computer.