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Top Common Job Interview Questions :alarm_clock: :alarm_clock: :full_moon_with_face: :full_moon_with_face:
and Answers Samples:-
Practice and get comfortable with these common job questions and answer samples before our interview and we’ll feel more confident, while giving much better answers
We recommend spending some time getting comfortable with what we might be asked, what hiring managers are really looking for in our responses, and what it takes to show that we’re the right man or woman for the job :boom: :boom: :100: :100:
1. Can you tell me a little about yourself?
To answer, walk them through our background, starting at how we began our career or our current line of work. Take them through key accomplishments, key career moves we’ve made, and end by sharing what we’re looking to do next in our career and why we’re job hunting.
Good answer sample:

  • I started my career in Marketing after graduating with a Business degree in 2011. I’ve spent my entire career at Google, receiving 3 promotions and 4 awards for outstanding performance.
  • I’m looking to join a smaller company now, and take on more leadership and project management.
    2. How did you hear about the position?
    This is one of the simplest question and answer scenarios in any interview, but that doesn’t mean it can’t ruin our chances at the job if we answer incorrectly.
    Good answer sample:
  • I saw the job posted on a website, and the position seemed interesting so I wanted to learn more.
  • I found the position while looking for jobs online.
  • Your company was recommended to me by somebody I worked with in a previous job and had heard good things about your organization.
  • I heard about it from a friend.

3. Why should we hire you?
Try to talk about them and how we’ll help them. What will be better for them if they hire us? What will we improve for them? And show we’ve done our research. Make it clear that we know what this position involves, and we’re ready to perform the tasks.
Good answer sample:

  • I read on the job description that you’re looking for someone with experience in software programming. I’ve done that for 3 years and can immediately help you accomplish software programming.
    4. What are your greatest professional strengths?
    Answer it well and it’s one of the best ways we can show off our skills and show that we stand out among other candidates. Choose 1 to 3 attributes we want to mention (depending on whether the question asks for one strength or multiple) and cap it there. We’ll want to think strategically about what skills will position us as qualified for the job and a good fit for the company. Does the position require client interaction? Communication and relationship building makes sense. Or if the environment is fast paced and constantly evolving our ability to multitask, adapt, and learn quickly would be good to highlight
    Good answer sample:
  • I think some of my greatest strengths are my communication skills and willingness to take initiative.
  • During my last internship, when I was helping to manage several social media accounts, I made sure that everyone on the team was on the same page and knew what our messaging strategy was by taking the initiative to send out a weekly email to keep the team up to date and to seek feedback.
  • This ended up being so helpful that the weekly social media update was incorporated into a fulltime staff member’s responsibilities.

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