### Session Detail & Feedback

I’m not attending the live session due to some personal Reeson. but I had gone through the recording why session length is to short. I mean it was for only one hour. is edyoda is not able to manage their session. and why instructor’s are changing on daily-to-daily base’s mean some time another instructor and some day different. is edyoda is not capable to manage their class and all…

Hi @sriv.ansh , I can understand the frustration you must feel when going thorugh the sessions, but the instructor Satyam has some health issues this week for which reason he was not able to take sessions for more than 1 hr. On Tuesday he was unavaialble, and there was a guest instructor who stepped in. All relevant notifications about the special session was passed out on Classroom portal itself. Satyam is going to be the instructor for this module and from next week, Machine Learning onwards, you will have a new instructor.
As is the norm, different instructors will take different modules according to availability and expertise.
Please be more aware of the changes that happen in the sessions, you can reach out to the TAs or your fellow batchmates to get the updates.

If you are having issues with the sessions, feel free to talk with the instructor directly during the live sessions.

If you have any other doubts or queries, do feel free to reach out to us!