Self Introduction Video- Grading & Seeking advice -Reg

@aysha.p - Good Morning Madam, I am Mamatha from CB040923 Batch . I have received my score of Self Introduction Video. I was graded 39/50. Due is 10th September & my submission was on 13th September. I am satisfied with the grading even it is for the first time I stood before camera. Please let me know where I need to improve?

Simple doubt -Late submission will also effect our grading.

Thank you for being so encouraging , motivating & so supportive throughout our program.


@dikondamamatha Hello!

Your communication and spoken skills are good but need to improve your confidence level in speaking.

@dikondamamatha No late submission will not affect your grading. You need to improve your confidence in speaking!

Have a Happy Learning!

Feel free to ask any kind of doubts

Thanks & Regards

Yes Madam. It’s for the first time before camera. I felt somewhat tensed.
Thank you once again.

@dikondamamatha No problem! we understood really it is appreciative one. Next time defintely you will do better than this!