Self introduction vid assignment result

Self Introduction video assignment is still not evaluated please let me know by when can I expect the result

Hi @palluda14 , don’t worry, it will be evaluated soon.

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Yogesh Sanjeev
Kindly resubmit your self introduction assignment as there is an issue with the audio

@jhaashutosh548, @prasanna121295 you need to resubmit your self introduction assignment as the folder links you have submitted are empty.

Madam can i resubmitted the assignment

If your assignment is not marked, you can. If I have already graded you, you cannot resubmit.

Ma’am I have posted the link how’s it possible

I will make the edit option visible. Kindly submit it by tonight

Hello ma’am I am not able to do it ,that Google drive tthig
Ng is not working

You can upload it on github or any other platform where I can view it