Resubmission of an assignment

hello @drishtinayak2828-TA ma’am , I am from FSR020923 , I have been asked to resubmit a assesment in remarks of an assesment because I by mistake have submitted the wrong assesment link , here is the correct assesment link (the name of the assesment is youtube gallery using react)
link -

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Hi ok dear @dharshinim.ug20.cs can you check this !!

@shivamgupta638 Your assignments were regraded!

Madam my assignments are so good but my results are all scores zero mam please i will share my output vedio link can you re- graded my assignments FSR170723

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Hi @shivendra1751 kindly check this!!

Hey @lankapavankumar290 please go through the respective comments that are mentioned in the assignment evaluations.