Requesting the extension of date for the quiz and assignment

@kalyanidudhekar @titiksha.chakraborty
Hello mam,
I am from Batch DS290423. As we all know our instructor has been changed and the first 3-4 days were not so productive for us as we were unable to understand the topic thoroughly. We have asked our new instructor @nikhilsharma2207 to make us understand the topic. Due to this, we are unable to attempt the quiz and assignment right now. I am requesting you to please extend the date of the quiz and assignment as well.


I am also requesting you to please extend the date of the quiz and assignment as well. My batch number is (DS290423)

Yes mam,
Even I am from the same batch and we had the extra class today for covering the topics left…
So requesting you to extend the last dates for the assignment and quizzes ( which comes under Data Analysis Fundamentals).

Yes Mam,
Even I am from the same batch can u please extend the dates.

Yes, please consider the situation this time and kindly grant us extention. Please consider this request from whole batch & do the needful. Thanks for supporting.

Please extend the date to do our assignment and quiz.

Please extend the date for assessment and quiz

My batch is DS150423 and I have also same problem.
Kindly consider it on the priority basis.

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Yes pls extend the date as the topics haven’t been covered yet…

Ok thanks for informing
I’ll do for batch DS150423
@kalyani-ta-ds please extend for DS290423
because i don’t have access for DS290423

@vasu.vashi9 okay I will be extending the date of submission

Mam it still not extended can you please Mam.

What’s your batch name

Batch Name - DS290423
The assignment & quizzes dates are still not extended. Please look into it again kindly provide us extention.

Batch name :DS290423

Hello @kalyani-ta-ds Ma’am, It is still not extended.

Okay, let me check actually I updated.