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@kalyanidudhekar Mam Pratham Payar Sir’s teaching style for data wrangling has been challenging for me to grasp. Despite putting in efforts to understand the subject, I find myself struggling to follow his explanations and examples. The lack of clarity in his teaching approach has left me feeling demotivated and confused about the concepts. As a result, I believe it would be beneficial for my learning journey to switch to a different teacher who can present the material in a more comprehensible and engaging manner. I am eager to find a teacher who can break down complex concepts, provide clear explanations, and encourage active participation to enhance my understanding and interest in data wrangling.


Hi @dhanrajmanoja Dear child i understand your issues well keep patience and need not to worry about this we will surely get back to you with a positive response just tell me your batch code and respective TA name for your batch !!

Hi @dhanrajmanoja , thank you for reaching out to us with your valuabel feedback!

We will look into the matter and conduct an internal review of the sessions taken so far. We understand that Data Analysis is very different than the first couple of modules and the concepts can take some time to understand.

All our instructor are vetted and experienced professionals in their respected fields. We will pass on your and any other relevant feedback to the instructor so that the session experience is great.

However, we ask you to give us that time and have some patience. Try to reach out to the instructor during the live sessions with your queries or requests, as he is your instructor, he will surely change or adapt his teaching style to your needs.

So please have the patience till we go through the sessions and reach out to the instructor.

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Hi @titiksha.chakraborty mam,

Thank you for considering my feedback. While I understand the effort you put into reviewing the sessions, I have carefully evaluated my learning experience and have decided that it would be best for me to switch to a different teacher for data wrangling.

I appreciate that all your instructors are experienced professionals, but I believe a change in teaching style and approach would greatly benefit my understanding of the subject. As a learner, it is essential for me to feel engaged and motivated during the sessions, and unfortunately, I haven’t experienced that with Pratham Payar Sir’s teaching.

I kindly request you to consider my request for a teacher who can present the material in a way that aligns better with my learning needs. I am eager to continue my learning journey with renewed enthusiasm under a different instructor.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

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thank you mam , my batch code is DS290423

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Hi okay child @kalyanidudhekar Hi mam please check your student here!!