Request for Additional DSA Classes - Batch FSR020923

Hi @drishtinayak2828-TA and @masumtycoon

I’m reaching out on behalf of Batch FSR020923 about our Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) module.

We attended the classes assigned for DSA, but some important parts of the course are still pending. This caused problems during our quizzes because we didn’t know what to do when we saw the questions.

We need a few more classes to cover the topics that were missed. It would be really helpful if our sir could arrange these classes.

Thank You.

Yes mam please do needful

Yes Mam plz arrange the class of DSA

yes mam it would be helpful

I would have covered the topics on the weekend class but nobody joined the class on saturday beside one or two student who joined for few minutes and left without any respond.
Please be disciplined with class timings
I waited for more than an hour in the class on that day , Currently I am on leave , requesting
@drishtinayak2828-TA ma’am conduct some remedy classes for few topics DSA.

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Hi ok sir sure if my team allowed me i will be !!