Regarding stunning assignment evaluation

Hello Sir, my name is Deepa from your FSR300623 batch. I have got fail marks in stunning landing page assignment. can you please tell me the reason clearly.

@shivtech1906 please look into this, and put remarks in the comment sections so that students know about the feedback.

Hello mam, Actually i created like the reference image. Now only i come to understand the hovering conditions. Can i resubmit that now??

resubmit here in the same thread i will recheck

This is my assignment link…kindly consider this. Thank you sir.

Sir, can you please tell me, what is landing image on right hand side is not exact styling??
I did not understand that. can you show me example. That is the only image you gave in reference images

the image is getting out of viewport width that’s why i have reduced the marks.

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Okay sir. Thank you.

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