Regarding python cetification exam DS150423

today i attended the python exam i can run the project if i run it giving the no file in such directory so all the testcases are fail so give me the explanation

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Hello @shanthinipriyaramesh ,
Don’t worry if the project is correct you’ll get the appropriate marks.
Just try to contact support team for the same

Hi @shanthinipriyaramesh , please keep in mind that all the codes you write should be written on the Mettl platform and not on local systems like GitHub or VSCode. Then the testcases will not pass.

However, you can write a mail to the Support and wait for the response. It may take some time but you should get a response soon.

Hi if i run the program mettl platform it show me the python is not supported and i can,t run the program as per in instruction if type project it give no such a file and directory i don’t know what to do i need reappear the exam. If I reappear means its not big deal ontime time also if I get same issues means what can i do