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I would like to inquire about the start date of the PRM module that I am supposed to take. I have already passed my Python certificate exam, but I am unable to apply for any of the positions that are advertised in the Telegram group. Whenever I click on the links, a message pops up saying “You are not eligible”. Could you please clarify why this is happening?

Hi @thoufeeqansari132 , information about PRM module will be shared shortly as it is most likely going to start this month - April. Please don’t worry and have some patience, you will receive updates regarding the same.

Why I can’t apply for the jobs in the telegram group. When I click on the link it will go to edyoda classroom portal and shows "not eligible to apply " …Why it shows like that.

@thoufeeqansari132 , it is because you need to clear PRM to apply for jobs. Since your PRM hasn’t happened yet, you will not be able to apply. But as I said, don’t worry too much. Information regarding PRM will be shared soon to you and then you’ll get the guidance as to how you should apply for jobs.

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Ok Ma’am. Thank You…

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