Regarding JavaScript Project Shoplane

Hello I am Abhinay I am from FSR130623 .I had submitted the hosted link of JavaScript Final project from both github and glitch. But you said that Your link looks to be copied from another person. But I didn’t copied from any other person I had written my own logic. Again I am providing my github and glitch link. Please revalidate and regrade my final project.

GitHub Code Link : GitHub - Abhinaygoli/shoplane
GitHub Hosted Link : Home Page

Glitch Code Link : Glitch :・゚✧
Glitch Hosted Link :

Here are my code screen shots :

@sahityasingh1211 and @dharshinim.ug20.cs , please check this.

Hello, I didn’t get any response to my query…

@goliabhinay5719 Your assignment was regraded!

@titiksha.chakraborty issue solved mam!