Regarding attendance on 7th Jan

Good evening
I am Kavin Kumar I am from SDE171222 batch On 7th of Jan Saturday i didn’t recieved the zoom meeting for the class on that day and even I dindt received the initiation mail also so I thought that class is cancelled and on next class our faculty asked why some of them have not attended on 7th Jan then only i came to know that there was class So I asked mam i didn’t recieved zoom meeting on that so mam said iit may some technical you can watch tha pre recored vedios but the recorded vedios also not shown in our batch portal so mam raised dispute on pre-recorded after getting the pre-recorded vedio of Saturday class my percentage got reduced can you please resolve it and update my percentage because I didn’t recieved zoom meeting on 7th Jan Saturday
Thanking you


Do not worry your class percentage will get updated soon and you can see the same on the portal after some days

Thank you for highlighting :smiling_face:.

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Hi @kavinkumar300799, the video link of the session is available on the curriculum for 7th Jan. Regarding attendance, it will be marked but it might take some time. Don’t worry, you’ll get the attendance, just continue attending the sessions as it happens.

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Okay Mam Thank you so much

You’re most welcome!

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