Regarding assignment

I’m geting confused about uploading the assignment will you plz help me out to complete the further procedure

If your assignment is from google colab then you can choose share and make access public.
copy the link and paste below assignment question (you only need to give one link, not three per question)
If your assignment from local device, you have to upload it on github.

  1. Create your account on github by signing in on
  2. when you sign in, there will be +new button on left or right of the screen.
  3. write the repository name, press create repository.
  4. you will see a blue container named Quick setup on the screen.
  5. read through it and you will find upload an existing on it
  6. file explorer screen will appear. go to where you have saved your assignment file.
  7. select your file and select open
  8. click on commit changes when it goes green.