Regarding Assignment marks

Why i got 97 i have done all the requirement correctly

Hey @ranjithkumarranjithk , please reach out to the TA of your batch to get the clarity you are looking for.

All the best for the upcoming assignments!

Who is the of our batch TA FSR150323

The TAs for your batch are Kashif and Atul. They usually take the last 15 mins of live sessions from Monday to Friday. You can reach out to them during live sessions or here, on Community. Your TA will be reaching out here soon.

@ranjithkumarranjithk I went through your assignment, First congratulations on scoring such good marks, Now where did the marks got deducted?

  • 1 mark got deducted for styling, Your list items are unordered and the list style type is square, Highly preferable is to use list items without any list style type. The color of the text and background is also not up to good visibility for users.

  • Since in the image tag, You are using an absolute URL , so image looks broken, not accessible not accessed multiple times so the remaining marks got deducted there

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