Regarding Assignment-1 Stunning landing page Marks , batch FSR170823

@lavanyareddy45943 @shivashivamsaini I graded both of you zero because you both uploaded exact same solution for the Assignment 1 of CSS module


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sorry for the inconvience ayushi mam.
can u give me one more chance so that i will do properly once again

okay i m deleting your submission but this is last time and now do it by your own.

ok mam sure i will make sure this doesnot repeat again

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good evening ayushi mam the query is i have attended css quiz 3 later hiral mam told they will delete and upload once again but i am not able to see quiz 3 module so hoping that my query will be solved as soon as possible.

from my side there was a mistake in uploading html css final project so i solved some of my errors and my request could you please delete the submission so it will be helpful for me to upload it mam .

thank you.

Hello @lavanyareddy45943 ,
I will delete your previous submission as requested. However, it’s important to note that requesting deletion of submissions is not considered a good practice. Instead, I encourage you to thoroughly review your work before submitting to ensure accuracy and completeness.
for quiz deletion @Hiral_Khakhariya will resolve this.

Thank you so much for understanding my situation being grateful for that.i will make sure that i will not repeat it .

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Ayushi mam i have unzipped the file and uploaded it once again kindly please check .

Thank you

Ayushi mam please grade my stunning landpage assignment

thank you

Already evaluated all submission.

Sorry for the inconveniences my assignment is not graded it’s 0 please check mam

@lavanyareddy45943 Have you run your code, and check how does it look?

This is how it looks

ayushi mam there was some problem in my laptop so now my output is correct mam .
its a request from my side please grade my assignment.

thank you @ayushibatham60