Regarding Access to google drive batch DS100723

Greeting…from Simran
Hello… the batch DS100723.
@Siddhant @dipeshgbhuse @kumarprasanth5588 @poojagaud32 @prachitisoni8 @simransingh1909 @gellepriya1997 @aqsahattiwale @vishnuvarthanbps @panthaganisrikanth10 @mayurbarge07
You gays are need to give Google drive access or make it public so that I will be able to evaluate your assignment.
And I suggest to whole batch that make your GitHub repository for assignments it will be an easy to use and for uploading your assignments.
Here some steps that you can follow:-

  1. After complete your coding for assignment go to the option File in Jupyter Notebook download your ipynb file.
  2. Upload this file on GitHub and make repository.
  3. Open this, copy that link of assignment and submit it.

Please… consider it…


Hello Ma’am,

Some of us has already provided the access. Please check.

Thank you

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Already done…that’s nice… I will check

yes Ma’am. Assignment 1

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Hello, mam I have given access already, please check once.

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Okay…I will check

@aqsahattiwale Still it is showing Access Denied…