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Hii Edyoda team its been 8 months and in our batch FSR300123 No one is getting placed canb you please justify it

Hi @utkarshshahi015 , if students from your batch are meeting the requirements set -

1. Having one technical certificate
2. Having Communication Bootcamp certificate

If they have updated their profiles correctly and are actively applying for jobs that match their skillset - our Placement Team is already providing them ample opportunities.

If any of your batch mate has confusion regarding Placements, ask them to reach out to the Placement Team from 6:30 to 7:30 in the live chat from the Placement Tab.

As for you, as I can check, you have one technical certificate, you failed to clear the first Communication Bootcamp certificate and have reattempted the Communication Bootcamp certificate on 3rd September.

Your submission is in the process of evaluation and the final result will come out in 2 weeks.

As I can check, you have not updated your profile completely and do not have access to Placement Tab since your Communication Bootcamp certificate is not cleared.

I suggest you to focus on updating the profile and waiting till you receive your Communication Bootcamp certificate. Once you receive it, the Placement Button should be enabled and then you can directly reach out to the Placement Team to clear up your confusion.

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I have completed my communication bootcamp certificate but still it does not able to apply for place please check this and i also updated my profile

Hi @utkarshshahi015 , our team will look into it and you will get the Placement access soon. Once you do, please reach out to the Placement Team between 6:30 PM to 7:30 PM to get guidance and clarity everyday.

can you please tell how to reach with placements team

Hi @utkarshshahi015 , you have Placement Access now. Please update your profile on Classroom properly -

These details are important at the time of applying for jobs.

Please refer to this conversation to get more details - Regarding Resume - #4 by titiksha.chakraborty

i have also same issue.

@kdevendra1254 , please reach out to the Placement Team.

i have completed both certificate exam but my profile not updating so i am unable to apply for job please solve my problem as soon as posible

i didn’t get shortlisted even in a single company please try to understand my feelings edyoda my only hope is you please give atleast one offer to me please respond regarding my offer

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Did you get selected or get any offer?