React final assignment marks

sir, here i tried multiple time but its showing the same after deployment i don’t know why, but if you tap on any top bar components it will be visible the project giving this problem after deployment but in system its working fine.

there must be some issue in your deployment part, re deploy it and then check, if the error still exist then there might be the issue in your code.

@shivendra1751 have seen my vs code the problem is coming only after deployment, still open the submission portal I will try again. and I also share the movie-app link on community.
here is my netlify link its working properly -

Hope u have solved ur bug till now, you can resubmit your link.

yes, please open the portal for assignment 3,4 .for resubmission.

None of ur submitted links are working, I have deleted ur previous submissions, submit the links for the respective assignments, also cross check once before submitting assignments.
Also check for any comments on any evaluated assignments.

@shivendra1751 submitted hope this will work properly.