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Would like to bring a few things to your notice, which I had also previously highlighted.

15 May 2023 - The question is very confusing for the following reasons:

  1. There are no closing tags in the options as closing tags have a β€œ/” in them.

  2. Another way to interpret this is that which one of them is a (self) closing tag, in which case, br and input are both self-closing.

There is clearly a flaw in the question statement. Kindly look into it.

16-May-2023 - Table is a semantic element that describes its contents to the developer as well as the browser. So technically both answers are right. Please do the needful

19-May-2023 - em tag also adds emphasis to text and makes it italic.

Kindly look into all this and do the needful.

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@nehasagar1999 yeah dear you are right for the last two question but you are wrong in the case of first question because for asking about closing tags there is no need to put / if we put then answer clearly visible to all then so for asking question about tags we can simply put there element or element inside simply tag and question is about closing tags not self closing tags that’s div is right answer. closings and self closing tags are two different things dear.
and for last two I m sorry this mistake from our side in future we give you that surety that it will not happen again hopefuly.

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Thank you, but the last two answers also contribute to my marks. Is there a way to incorporate those marks as well?

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ok i will check those and make the necessary changes to it.