Quiz option is incorrect

why is my answer wrong?
ReactJS is not a server-side framework.
Rectify it and provide marks for that question.

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Hi @dasdebjyoti111 , please place your query in the right category. This is Python category.

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yes done that. provide score for this question.

@dasdebjyoti111 , you had to select the third option, as both of the options were correct. In MCQs, the correct answer is the one which is most probable. So, choosing the third option was the way to go. That is why your answer was marked wrong. Please be mroe careful with upcoming quizzes as nothing can be done regarding this one.

in this first option is not right. first of all react is not a framework it is a library and that too as far as i kn ow react is not a server-side framework. As react is a client-side JavaScript library so option 2 is more plausible.

correct me if i am wrong.

If you are sure about this, please reach out to the instructor during the live session @manaskumarpanigrahi6 . If you instructor decides the same thing, you can ask them to change the quiz option.

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