Quiz Doubt in PRM Module?

Can u please solve the solution.


Hi @sudhakarreddy1704 , thank you for dropping this query. Our Team is working on this and we’ll come back with either a clarification or solution soon.

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As per me both solutions are correct.
Here is the explanation:
1st question about primary key: question is asking about wrong statement for primary key in SQL.
Most suitable answer for this question is: [c) primary key must be made of any single column]
Because this statement is wrong about primary key, primary key can be made of any number of columns but primary key should be defined only one time for your table and during that one time you can pass any number of columns but the best practice is to keep 1 or 2 columns as per your table requirements.

2nd question is asking about worst case time complexity of binary search algorithm.
And answer will be o(n) because in binary search we have to search for any particular value iteration by iteration and in worst case this iteration can go upto number(n) of items available in our container.

Hope this will help :heartpulse:

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