Question of the day (python)

Q. Explain overriding and overloading polymorphism with an example.

Method Overloading:
Method Overloading is an example of Compile time polymorphism. In this, more than one method of the same class shares the same method name having different signatures. Method overloading is used to add more to the behavior of methods and there is no need of more than one class for method overloading.

Method Overriding:
Method overriding is an example of run time polymorphism. In this, the specific implementation of the method that is already provided by the parent class is provided by the child class. It is used to change the behavior of existing methods and there is a need for at least two classes for method overriding. In method overriding, inheritance always required as it is done between parent class(superclass) and child class(child class) methods.

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