Quary regarding mern stack certification exam

dear sir/mam The first round of the certificate exam proved to be challenging for most students, as the multiple-choice questions were difficult and the coding questions did not run on the compiler. Unfortunately, many students were unsuccessful in their attempts. As a result, there is a strong desire among the students to have a re-attempt at the exam, in hopes of a fairer and more conducive testing environment. Furthermore, the challenging nature of the exam has severely impacted the confidence and motivation of the students. The disappointing results have left them feeling disheartened and questioning their abilities. The lack of success in the first round has dampened the spirits of the students, making them eager for a re-attempt to regain their confidence and prove their potential.
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Most of our batchmates are failed. In the coding questions we are unable to pass all test cases cause its showing error even we wrote correct logic. So we want to reattempt exam

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Hi @rish3ha and @bsadiq641 , I can understand the situations you are in. We will take your suggestions into consideration.

However, at this point, there is nothing we can do when it comes to Round 1 as it is completely automated.

You can get a free attempt one last time by doing the following - If you have the MASTER BADGE, you will get one more free reattempt for your Certifications which you can use just once.

HOW TO GET MASTER BADGE - based on your attendance percentage, you can get this badge. You can check your Classroom portal.

Once you get the Master Badge, you can take the Certification exam for free once again.

All the amenities you would need were already provided in the Classroom and Community which would enable a successful clearance of the certificate.

However, I can understand that for some the experience was not as better as they hoped it might be and we are regretful for that.

@bsadiq641 , you have already reached out to Support and whatever resolution was possible to be given to you was already communicated. Unfortunately, there is nothing more that can happen.

@rish3ha , I would ask you to write a mail to Support for yourself if you want, they might be able to give you a better idea about what can be done next.

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Hi @rish3ha , this issue is resolved.