Python Trainer Feedback - Pratyush Srivastava

Feedback -
Trainer Name- Pratyush Srivastava
Trainer Expertise : Python

He is one hard working, simplified, patient, considerate of most of the attendees, even calling and connecting with everyone like waking up sleepy ones.
Caring, to the point approach, no roundabout stories.
Showing iterations was the biggest thing he used to do. it was really great to understand like that. Great person, time to time guides and give reference of many company’s questions, that was amazing when I was able to solve.
Most Astonishing thing is his engagement with class for the duration, and he personally created many quizzes for us to practice after the sessions, never was the topper but i loved those. He even discusses scores after that. He used to Analyze mostly everyone everytime.
He is having all the time for his students, class gets over long ago, many left, but he is still analyzing quiz still solving someone’s query, it was too much for us even to watch and he was actually doing it. Hats off to his Patience.
Explaining things again and again in different ways is his forte.
OOPs is definitely his specialty. Can’t be taught better. He made us understand projects in simpler form.
For more than 2 months, we were taught in a great manner. I wish him success in life.

Recommendation - Yes, too much.

If you opted for Python and your Trainer name is Pratyush Srivastava. Be excited for a rollercoaster ride. But, you are in Safe hands.


Yes…100% …one of the best trainer…

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Thank you for your valuable feedback :relaxed:.
Keep Learning :+1:.