Python Datatype Quiz - DS310323


I am facing an issue in the “Datatype Quiz”

Problem 1:

Here, Option A is correct.

Problem 2:

Here, Option B is correct.

Please acknowledge!!


No, whatever the option is correct after submitting your quiz.
That option is only correct answer.

Hi @himanshutyagi7101
Both the answers are right.
Because in Q2 all of the given answers are true.
And in Q9 the given C option is suitable as question is asking about false statement.

But the question was

Ques 2: Which of the following are true?
Ans: Dictionary and sets are the mutable datatype, So option B and C was False. And in Option D Keys must be duplicate in dict but the values of keys are unique i.e Option A is most sutiable answer.

Ques 9: Which of the following is False?
Ans: Here, Sets is the mutable datatype in the given option Sets are immutable datatype i.e Option B is false.


Yes dict and set are mutable datatype but their keys are can’t change the keys

In the second question also the same , set are mutable but set keys are immutable. So for that reason third option is the correct answer.

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Hi @himanshutyagi7101
Please try to explore more.
As I know dictionary keys should be unique and if you will use duplicate then by default it will consider the last value for that key.
Both the questions and by already given options for those questions are right as per my knowledge.
Just try to explore more concepts and more practice problems.

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