Python code for generating the report card

student_number=int(input("enter the serial number of student - "))
student_name=input(“enter the name of the student -”)
roll_no=input(“enter the student roll number -”)
class_number=input(“enter the class of the student -”)
print(“student name is -”,student_name)
print(“roll number is -”,roll_no)
print(“student class -”,class_number)
M=float(input(“enter the maths marks =”))
print(“maths marks are conducted for 100”)
S=float(input(“enter the science marks =”))
print(“science marks are conducted for 100”)
P=float(input(“enter the python marks =”))
print(“python marks are conducted for 100”)
H=float(input(“enter the hindi marks =”))
print(“hindi marks are conducted for 100”)
E=float(input(“enter the english marks =”))
print(“english marks are conducted for 100”)
print(“total marks obtained by the student is -”,K)
print(“Total marks are conducted for exam is - 500”)
print(“Average of the student is -”,Q)
if Q>90 and Q<=100:
print(“congratualtions your Grade is A”)
if Q>97 and Q<=100:
print(“you are a topper student and you will get topper medal”)
elif Q>80 and Q<=90:
print(“good your grade is B”)
elif Q>70 and Q<=80:
print(“keep it up Your grade is c”)
elif Q>60 and Q <=70:
print(“not bad get higher and your grade is D”)
print(“sorry you are failed”)
print(“Thanking you hope you will get good marks”)


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