Python certification test

I took the test and successfully completed the first part.
But in the project part, I did exactly what they said
Fill the remaining functions they said and I did that but while testing not even one test case was right…I don’t know why was that happening.
I need to know why it happed, so is it possible to get a session for discussing the Python certification test doubts or any other help regarding the project part?


you can raise a support ticket regarding this.

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it will work when you start from registration and apply all the functionalities to the newly created user in commandline.
Here are some unnoticeable mistakes I made which also created same confusion for me :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. make sure to check if you have written the file name correct, because it won’t show you error but test case might fail
  2. make sure you get the keys of the dictionaries right, always refer to respective json file before writing
  3. make sure to check arguments passed before assigning them to variables as the cases might be different for different function.
    For example, Event_ID,event_ID,event_id
  4. also always read problem statement about the particular functionality, as there might be case where only specific things needs to be returned
    Specially think when it asks for True/False return

Hope this helps, you can check with support and see if you made any of the above mistakes, rectify them in your next attempt and you are sorted.
Best Luck… :+1: :+1: