Python certification related

Why is takes 3 weeks to evaluate the round 2?
why not with in one week?

Hi @kinnukeshiya , the evaluation usually happens in the same week of the examination taking place. The results would likely be declared tomorrow.

Please check your Certification section on your Classroom portal for updates.

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results are
not declared yet.

Hi @kinnukeshiya , please don’t worry. The results will be declared by today EOD. Our team is working on it at the moment. Keep checking your portal for updates, and rest assured, you will get your results.

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hello team,
thanks, Got results.

I’m looking for the options to apply for companies, but it says i’m not eligible yet.
Please help.

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Hi @kinnukeshiya , don’t worry. In order to apply for jobs, you need to clear the Placement Readiness Module (PRM). Information about the PRM will be shared soon, most likely in April.

Till then, focus on any remaining projects or modules you have otherwise take advantage of the time and prepare yourself by practicing hard.

Relevant information will be made public soon.

I hope this helps! :grinning:

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