Python certification preperation

Hello @shivrajrtandale98
This side Aishwarya Khairnar @aishukhairnar1998 from batch DS240623
I have an query about this que----->Python certification preparation

Quiz 2(Map, Filter & Lambda)

Q.10 Consider the following list as an input:

numbers = [1, 2, 3]

a)list(filter(lambda x: x % 2 == 0, numbers))
b)list(filter(lambda x: x > 1, numbers))
c)list(filter(lambda x: 2, numbers))

here (a) (b) (c) all 3 options are correct
on which bases we choose the option…
you are not given any condition(output) to choose the option

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I will get back to you @aishukhairnar1998

Is there something missing in question? If list is input you must have to print it. But as in any option their is no print function so answer will be None of this.@aishukhairnar1998

@shivrajrtandale98 So…here I choose None…but you give it an incorrect
So…please solve this issue…and correct my quiz marks too(map-filter-lambda)

Hello @shivrajrtandale98
I have an query about this que----->Python certification preparation

Quiz 1(OOP inheritance)

Q.10 If a class is derived from two different classes, it’s called ______

a)Multilevel Inheritance
b)Multiple Inheritance
c)Hierarchical Inheritance
d) Python Inheritance

Please check this question…its showing wrong answer

Clear this issue asap

It’s Multiple Inheritance.

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Yes… @aishukhairnar1998 and for above querry the answers for quizzes are automated. I am not evaluating quizzes. It may be happened due to technical issue.

So…what should I do now…@shivrajrtandale98
where to contact…for these quizzes query

And also…there are more queries in next some quizzes too
like json xml and csv

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Don’t worry such type of errors can happen once in a while… @nwagh938 still I will try to solve your query