Python Certification Prep QUIZ INCORRECT QUESTIONS (DS300123)

Hey Team,

I have found multiple instances in quizzes where the answer is correct but it is not marked as correct AND there are not at all correct options to choose from in MCQ.

Check below mentioned quiz along with question number and correct it as soon as possible. If you do not understand any question then you can reply to me and I will be happy to explain why the answers are not correct.

Python certificate prepration quiz

Quiz 5: Data Types: Dictionary

Q4 is incorrect: Suppose d = {“john”:40, “peter”:45}, to delete the entry for “john” what command do we use?
correct ans should be del d[“john”] only.
Q10 is incorrect : If b is a dictionary, what does any(b) do? Ans: Returns False if dictionary is empty

Quiz 4: Data Types : Strings

Q4 is incorrect: What arithmetic operators cannot be used with strings? Ans should be : All of the mentioned or there should be different options as “-” and “*” both cant be used and it is not specified in que whether they are referring to string with int or string with string.

Quiz 2: JSON XML and CSV files
Q2 is incorrect: What is the correct format of writing JSON name/value pair. Ans should be “name” : “value”

Quiz 1: File Handling
Q6 is incorrect: Which function is used to write a list of string in a file? Ans should be writelines()

Quiz 3: Object Oriented Programming Operator Overloading
Q2 is incorrect: Which of the following Python code will print True? There is only one correct option
Q10 is incorrect: Which magic method(or dunder method) is called when we print an obj like this? choose from below options: There is nothing defined in function so how can we check what it will return?
if obj = foo() has a defined str() method, it will be called when print(obj) is executed. If the str() method is not defined for foo() class, Python will look for the repr() method and use it instead.

Quiz 1: Object Oriented Programming Inheritance
Q10 is incorrect: If a class is derived from two different classes, it’s called ______
Ans is obvious as If a class is derived from two different classes, it’s called multiple inheritance.

Quiz 3: List Comprehension
Q9: is incorrect: Which of the following is the same as list(map(lambda x: x**-1, [1, 2, 3]))?
ans: there should be multiple selection option as more than one ans is correct. so remove the question from assessment.

Quiz 1: Regular Expressions
Q7 is incorrect: Which of the following statements regarding the output of the function re.match is incorrect?
ans: every option is correct

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Thanks for raising. please wait, we will get back or you can contact support also for the same.


@titiksha.chakraborty or any instructor of python. can you check on this ?

Hi @aakasha063 , thank you for bringing this up. We will go through it. However, just for your information - the quizzes and assignments in the Python Certification Preparation Module are there for practice only and are not real quizzes and assignments with grading activated. You should practice from them to prepare but the marks you get in the quizzes will not add to the overall performance and the assignments you submit here will not be evaluated by the TAs.

However, we will work on the feedback you have provided on the quiz questions and answers.