Problem in while loop?

Set a variable flag = True, num = 5
Run a while loop till flag = True
Inside the while loop = Increment the value of num by 5 and If value of num is greater then 50, set flag to be False


What is the problem you are facing in this code?

Maam i dont get how to right code for this statement… I HAve try to write code for this but i am getting error


What is the question for this code?

question :- if have to create a variable name it as FLAG and store TURE as it value
another variable name it as NUM and its value is 5
now if have run a while loop till FLAG is TRUE
there are 2 conditions given inside the while loop
i) increase the value of NUM BY 5 (I THINK ITS STEP VALUE)
ii) and if value of num is greater than 50 , then set the value of FLAG as FALSE


Yes correct.
In first you need to add 5 to whatever the number will there.