Practice Resources for Python Certificate Exam

Hi everyone :grinning:, if you have Python Certificate Exam coming up, here are some practice resources you can go through!

Apart from this, there are five projects available in the Python Certification Preparation Module. Here are some details-

  1. There are 5 projects you can attempt to solve alongside your instructor during the sessions -
    a. Movie Ticket Booking Replica
    b. Food Delivery App Replica
    c. EdYoda Replica
    d. Demo Exam Project Building
    e. Mini Project

  2. You should also go through the practice problems available across 6 Assignments and attempt the quizzes available. This will help you in understanding the Exam, particularly the practice questions available in the Assignments.

  3. Once the Certification Button gets enabled for you on the Classroom Portal, please go through the section. There are videos on how to take the exam, what you can expect, and FaQ section availble. All relevant information about Certification will be available in this section once you are enrolled for Certification.

For any further queries, feel free to reach out to Support.

I hope this will make your learning process easier! :smile: