Practice problems statement

Hi All,

I have pasted one problem statement related to your Data Wrangling topic .

You can visit the below drive link and you all will get the problem statement, documentation and dataset CSV files.

You all have one week time to complete this problem statement.
Hope you will solve it and give the best solution for it :relaxed:.

Let me know in the comment section if you have any query in this problem statement.:blush::tada:

Zeba Kainat| DS-TA


Hello Mam,
I tried to solve the given problem statement but can’t figure out how to get the things done because we have just completed our Data Wrangling module as far as now we had dealt only with one csv file .
but in your problem statement there are multiple files we to have consider which is causing very much confusion.
Mam it will be very helpful if you provide the step wise questions to achieve the result in sequential order like the one’s asked in our “Final Project: Data Wrangling” so that we’ll get an idea to deal with such problems and also in better understanding of Data Wrangling module.

Hope you consider our request .
Thank you


Ok ,will try to break down in step and provide you.

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