Practice problems 03/08/2023

These questions are based on excel and powerBI.

Try to answer all questions

All the best….

Q1. What does the “PivotTable” feature in Excel allow you to do?

A) Create complex formulas for calculations.

B) Merge multiple Excel files into one.

C) Create interactive summaries and analysis from a dataset.

D) Automatically generate charts and graphs.

Q2. What does the pivoting feature in Power BI allow you to do?

A) Combine data from multiple tables.

B) Transform rows into columns.

C) Create calculated measures.

D) Filter data based on conditions.

Q3. Could you explain the process of unpivoting data in Power BI, and why is this transformation useful when preparing data for reporting or analysis?

Q4. What is the main goal of using the Group By feature in Power BI?

A) Creating new calculated columns.

B) Combining multiple queries.

C) Aggregating and summarizing data.

D) Filtering out specific data points.


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