Pmd091023 (25/10/23)

  1. write a regex to match 3 digit number followed by 3 small alphabets.
    list1 = [‘786abc’,‘786xyz’,‘123ghy’,‘342abc’]

2.write a regex that starts with a and end with z.
list1= [‘az’,‘ae89345934’,‘45jetsz’,‘a234234z’]

  1. write a regex that that starts with 3 or any number and end with z.
    list1= [‘az’,‘ae89345934’,‘45jetsz’,‘a234234z’]

4.write a regex that should match a pattern having atmost 3 occurrances of small alphabets and 1 occurrance of the small alphabets.
list1 = [‘abcd’,12ab34’,‘1234’]

Question 1.

Question 2.

Question 3.

Question 4.

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