!office shenanigans!

Hi everyone! :grin: :raised_hands:

Try out these trivia questions and see how you would react?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :point_down: :point_down:

1. If you are working from home, you are likely to -

  • Work More!
  • Work Less!
  • I just wanna sleep!!

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2. You have to give an important presentation in the next 2 hours, you -

  • Phew! Thankfully, you’ve remembered and prepared something.
  • Canva is your friend!

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3. In a Zoom call that you’re attending from home, you are mostly in -

  • Just your shirt/formal dress because they can just see your face.
  • The full official attire.
  • My camera doesn’t work so no one will know I am still asleep.

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4. During a team meeting you are the one who -

  • Stares blankly trying to understand the mystery of life
  • Nod your head vigorously to whatever is being said
  • Always has a question for everything
  • No one even knows you are there in the meeting

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5. In the office, you are someone who will -

  • Physically attached to the monitor
  • Can always be found in a different cubicle
  • Coffee machine is your second home
  • Under the desk if it’s spacious

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6. If the office WIFI doesn’t work, you -

  • Scream and cry because you’re excel sheet is not loading
  • Shut down your device and go home
  • Borrow hotspot from anyone you can

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7. At the start of your work day you are -

  • Optimistic
  • Dead-ly
  • Half-asleep
  • Resigned to your fate

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8. You will always be the one who updates their PoA (Plan of Action) -

  • First 'cause I am always fast!
  • Last 'cause I don’t like following the trend!
  • Oh, I was supposed to update it!

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  1. You believe that post-its or sticky notes are -
  • Why you’re still surviving
  • Bane of your existence
  • Meh

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10. Fridays are for -

  • PARTYY!!!
  • Washing the mountain of clothes collecting dust in a corner
  • Sleep and be dead to the world

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@titiksha.chakraborty really enjoy it.


nice scenarios though…:+1: