Not Qualified mail

Hi medam This is Firdose
my overall score 70% in Communication Bootcamp program
my batch id CB150523
But i have recieved Not Qualified mail from Hiring team



Please contact support on

Hello @firdosemd9030,

As mentioned in class, you need to score 60% or more in your final assessment to receive the communication bootcamp certification. You have scored 58% in your Communication Skill Assessment which is below the required criteria.

More than your overall percentage on classroom, your final assessment percentage is what decides your eligibility. I can see that you have also failed in the group presentation as you did not submit the written script for you film analysis.

I encourage you to re-appear for the communication bootcamp and take the test to clear the certification.

All the best.

hi maam @aysha.p
am doing job so joining in live classes is tough for me. this is my 2nd communication bootcamp batch.
in my 1st batch i got above 70% marks in last 2 quizes and assignment. if last assignment score matters
that time also am not get certificate
plz excuise me because with next batch also same happens with me