Not Evalute Assigments

@ayesha mam please, evaluate my assigment

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Do not get worried, it will get evaluated soon.

I will be evaluating soon

@bhuvanabhaskarp96 As you mentioned in class today that you are not able to find the edit option, what you need to do is click on the link that you have pasted and then delete it and re-upload.

If you are still facing the issue you can send your assignment to me via email.
My email is

@aysha.p Since i am a working professional i got late in submitting my introduction video and it is still not evaluated and yesterday i submit the film analysis video but a little late so any mark will be deducted please tell i had already told that i can only watch videos and do assignments on weekends only they said its ok we will take care of it and in 2 quizes there are 2 answers correct but i am getting less marks i raised a query but still didn’t get any reply. So please guide me in that . Thankyou

Hello @aysha.p Mam,
I have informed about the error showing im the app suggested in the instructions of self introduction video in the class and you asked me to upload using google drive. Still showing it as not checked. Hope you’ll check that and sent the certifications as soon as possible.
Thank you.

The coffee i had today morning was captivating for my entire day.

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Hi @bhuvanabhaskarp96 I am not able to view your assignments as you have not given access for your video. I had also informed in the community that all of you need to give access to your assignment submissions or else I will not be able to mark you

your marks will not be reduced for your assignments @vishwasmaharshi2

Hi @aysha.p mam, I have made that to public. Please check and issue the marks

@aysha.p mam, Is there any update?