Need references pdf of noed.js and mongoDB

EDYODA i want mongo db and node.js full course pdf because references pdf is not attached in my classroom portal, provide me ASAP! @edyodafsrta1

Hi @vharshgour , if you carefully go throuhh the sessions curriculum, in the session description you will be able to see some reference links for certain topics.

I hope this would be helpful to you.

No one is providing any references pdf through out the session, i want references pdf of mongo DB & node.js from your end ASAP!

There will be no reference pdf unfortunately @vharshgour . However, your will find all the required materials as references links in the curriculum, you can take help from there.

You can also reach out to your instructor during the live sessions if they’d be willing to share a pdf with the batch.

Your instructor will be able to help you out, please bring it to their attention during the live sessions.