Multimedia | Audio, Video, Iframe Tags

Learning Multimedia | Audio, Video, Iframe Tags. Drop your notes and doubts here.

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Audio, Video, Iframe Tags

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What we have learnt yesterday

  • Table Creation using HTML- HTML tables allow web developers to arrange data into rows and columns.
    • In HTML <table> tag is used to create table.
    • <table> tag- To define a table and </table> to define end of table.
    • <tr> tag- Each table row starts with a <tr> and ends with a </tr> tag.
    • <td> tag- Each table cell(column) is defined by a <td> and a </td> tag.
    • <td> tag- Used to give heading to the table column.
  • Table Properties- We can use cellspacing, cellpadding, border, align, bgcolor as a attributes to style table.

  • Putting a video in HTML document- The HTML <video> element is used to show a video on a web page.
    • Example - <video src="any_url_here" controls autoplay muted height="400px" width="800px" ></video>
    • The controls attribute adds video controls, like play, pause, and volume. We can have different set of video control according to need. Reference
  • Putting a audio in the HTML file- The HTML <audio> element is used to play an audio file on a web page.
    • Example- <audio controls src="./virtualitymusik-instrument-yopee-saturdae-110081.mp3"></audio>
  • We can also embed a video from youtube
    • Example- <iframe width="1038" height="584" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Made the calculator interface using Table-



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