Most used case scenario of react in industry

@kashif-ta-fsr .
Explain the useState hook in React and provide an example of how it is used.
3. How does the useEffect hook work? Can you give an example of its usage?
4. What is the useContext hook used for in React? Provide an example scenario where it can be useful.
5. Explain the useReducer hook and its purpose in state management. When would you choose to use useReducer instead of useState?
6. How does React Router work for navigation in a React application? Provide an example of routing setup and usage.
7. What is the useHistory hook in React Router? How can it be used to navigate programmatically?
8. Explain the useParams hook in React Router. How can it be used to access dynamic route parameters?
9. What is the useCallback hook used for? How does it optimize performance in certain scenarios?
10. Describe the useMemo hook in React. When and why would you use it in your components?

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