Ml quiz(18-09-2023)

1.) How you can detect if outlier is present in your data ?
a.) Skweness
b ) kdeplot
c.) boxplot
d.) All of above

2.) What are types of feature scaling?
a.) Minmax scaler , standard scaler
b.) robust scaler
c. ) Both a and b
d.) None

3.) When outliers are present in the data, then to deal with missing value which imputation technique you should use ?
a.) Mean imputation
b.) median imputation
c.) mode imputation
d.) None


a) - d,
b) - c,
c) - d.

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Answers for the quiz

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Correct answer for question 3 is → Mode .i.e option b @avishekchat7797

Correct @akshaypradeepak ,

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